Back Pain

Chronic and Acute Back Pain

Back Pain

The incidence of low back pain is high with approximately 70% of Australian adults experiencing back pain at some stage in their lives.

Evidence based clinical guidelines for the treatment of lower back can pain differ between exercise physicians, physiotherapists and remedial massage therapists.

With a team of exercise physiologists, physiotherapists and remedial massage therapists, HFRC can provide you an individualised multi-disciplinary and comprehensive treatment plan suited to your condition.

Treatment Options

There is unequivocal evidence supporting exercise in the treatment and management of chronic back pain.

Multimodal physical therapy

Multimodal physical therapy involves different therapeutic strategies aimed at relieving pain and stiffness and improving joint mobility and overall function. Therapies include: range of motion exercise, soft tissue mobilisation, and muscle strengthening and stretching.30, 31, 56 Multimodal therapy generally includes manual therapy consisting of muscle stretching and passive range of movement exercise as an adjunct to an active exercise component of treatment

Chronic Pain

Patients with chronic back pain may benefit from a multidisciplinary pain management program implemented by a team of practitioners (eg pain specialist, physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, occupational therapist).

We offer physiotherapy, exercise physiology, hydrotherapy and remedial massage in one convenient location.

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