When am I ready to return to sport following ACL reconstruction

When am I ready to return to sport following ACL reconstruction


You’ve had your ACL reconstruction, but how do you know if you have done enough rehab, and you are ready to return to sport without significant risk of re-injury.  Over the past 12 months, the Hollywood Functional Rehabilitation Clinic (HFRC), in collaboration with the University of Western Australia (UWA), has comprehensively evaluated over 140 patients at 12 months following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (ACLR), and it has become alarmingly apparent that:

  • 73% of patients do NOT attain sufficient quadriceps strength (>90%) – strongly linked with ACL re-injury
  • 55% of patients do NOT attain adequate hop symmetry (>90%)
  • Of those who have ALREADY returned to sport (RTS), ONLY 37% have sufficient single leg hop capacity
  • Only 30% of patients received, or were given advice, on hopping or agility tasks as part of their recommended rehabilitation – alarming given these tasks form the foundation of sporting activities

This data suggest that most patients are NOT ready to RTS, or returning without sufficient strength, functional capacity agility, hence are at significantly higher risk of re-injury.

To combat the aforementioned issues, HFRC has developed an expert testing & advisory service to:

  1. Assess muscular strength, functional agility and symmetry for return to sport readiness
  2. Advise you or your surgeon on functional readiness for return to sport
  3. Prescribe a tailored exercise program to improve physical strength/function and agility in deficient areas to enable a safer and more effective return to sport.


Don’t assume you are ready and risk it – Get Tested today with the HFRC Return to sport readiness evaluation. We recommend testing at 6mths post-surgery to advise you on the final stages of rehabilitation and again at 9-12 months prior to returning to full sporting activity. To book an assessment contact us on 08 9386 9961 or contact@hfrc.com.au

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