Podcast 008: Get Fit For Surgery

When it comes to thinking about knee or hip replacement surgery, many people would emphasise the recovery phase as a critical time to heal, regain strength and mobility and return to activities of daily living.

However, did you know that the stronger you are before you have your surgery, the greater your recovery will be and the more you will be able to improve your range of movement post surgery?

In this podcast, Dr Brendan Joss, Senior Exercise Physiologist and Managing Director at HFRC, explains the importance of pre and post surgical exercise to improve the success of your procedure.

In this informative interview you will learn:

  • The aim of hip and knee replacement surgery
  • What you can expect from your knee or hip post surgery
  • The impact that a sedentary lifestyle can have on both your recovery, overall health and longevity
  • The joint replacement is not going to do the whole job and that you need to do the work pre and post surgery

For more information please email Brendan@hfrc.com.au or phone 9386 9961 to book an appointment.

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