Podcast 011: Managing Shoulder and Elbow Pain With Bruce Paulik

Learn all about managing your shoulder and elbow pain with Bruce Paulik from HFRC

In this helpful podcast interview, Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Bruce Paulik, explains the common causes of shoulder and elbow pain, the different treatment options that are available and simple strategies that people can follow at home to gain some relief from their condition.

The many different types of shoulder and elbow pain can be caused by overuse, impingement, rotator-cuff injuries, arthritis and join instability leading to dislocation.

Shoulder and elbow pain can be extremely debilitating and present in other parts of the body including arms, shoulders, back and neck.

The good news is however that there is much that can be done to treat the majority of shoulder and elbow conditions and treatment doesn’t always have to involve surgery.

Bruce explains how you can use heat or cold to help with swelling and pain, when to conduct mild exercises and stretching and when to visit a physiotherapist.

For more information or to book an appointment with Bruce Paulik, please phone 08 9386 9961.

Bruce Paulik Senior Muskuloskeletal Physiotherapist HFRC
Bruce Paulik Senior Muskuloskeletal Physiotherapist HFRC
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