Jennifer Woodhouse

Jen began her career at HFRC 2003 whilst completing her Bachelor of Exercise and Health Science and a Graduate Diploma in Exercise Physiology at The University of Western Australia. She strongly believes in the value of providing evidence based exercise programs to optimise physical function without aggravating pain around the affected joint. She continued her studies and completed a Master of Science Degree in the area of bone health, specifically studying the effects of exercise on bone mineral density in older men.Jen is passionate about health and exercise and enjoys having a key role in her patients’ recovery from injury and illness or post-operative surgical recovery. Her roles in HFRC have continually changed as she has strived to gain expertise in all areas of rehabilitation to maximise her patient’s outcomes. She has always been an extremely hard working and valuable member of staff, so much so that in 2008 she accepted the offer of becoming one of the Directors of HFRC.

Jen continues to put a huge amount of energy into the charities that HFRC proudly support. She is very passionate about helping to improve women’s health and education in PNG through the Hollywood Private Hospital Medical Aid Association. In the course of her work with ‘Sock it to Sarcoma’ charity and its research department she is also helping to improve the outcomes of those diagnosed with cancerous tumours.

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