Simeon Allen-Ankins

Simeon is an experienced therapist who has worked at HFRC since 2008. He values holistic management and enjoys doing anything he can to help people through their rehabilitation process.

His treatment strategies are firmly founded in the belief that the body is designed to move and therefore he tries to give people strategies to maximise their mobility and ultimately their co-ordination and strength to optimise function.

As well as employing various ‘hands on’ techniques for pain relief, joint movement and muscle tone, Simeon sees his role as an educator, assisting clients increase their awareness and body control  to better manage themselves long into the future.

He is very passionate about helping patients gain an understanding of their individual situation and identifies points of focus for their progress while trying to fit treatment strategies into the context of life which goes beyond physiotherapy. Simeon helps people wade through their associated concerns and fears around pain and injury.

He has an extensive orthopaedic background (post-surgery recovery), and also consults at ‘Painsense’, an interdisciplinary chronic pain clinic in Claremont.  As a therapist he has gained expertise in treating lower back, hip and knee pain and also has a keen interest in headache and migraine management.

“I enjoy seeing people come to understand the difference between a functional recovery, where they can do the daily things they want to – and an optimal one, where they can be aware of and continue to improve their deficits and therefore their performance”


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