Ursula Knecht

Ursula is originally from Switzerland but is now a proud Australian and passionate about people returning to sport, work and play as fast as possible following injury. In her 21 years as a physiotherapist she has gained increasing knowledge and skills through completing studies in Manual Therapy (Sohier), Sports Physical Therapist (IAS), Master of Sports Physiotherapy (Curtin University WA) and dry needling to mention a few. She has worked with clients from all walks of life, from professional athletes, basketball players, AFL players and dancers to construction workers, people with a desk jobs and retirees.

Ursula likens her role to that of a detective – assessing evidence, figuring out the origin of pain and how it is connected to the whole body. She works with her client as a team to identify problems, anatomical structures and the best pathway to get better. She advocates manual therapy to improve joint mobility and specific exercises help to maintain the regained range of motion, as well as retraining movement patterns, enhanced postural awareness and specific exercises to support the rehabilitation process. This holistic approach helps to prevent re-injury and has helped many people with chronic back and neck pain, get their life back.

Ursula is particularly pleased to have found an ideal work environment at HFRC where this holistic physiotherapy approach is possible. She is also very impressed with the clients she sees at HFRC as they are motivated to get better and regularly perform their exercises.

Ursula looks forward to combining her experience and passion to help you achieve less pain, improved function, faster!

Sports Physiotherapist

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