Specialised Facilities

Designed for the optimal treatment of musculoskeletal conditions

Key Benefits

One of the best equipped exercise rehabilitation and physiotherapy facilities in Western Australia, specifically designed for the optimal treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.

Land Based Exercise

Physical land based exercise is effective in increasing muscle strength, joint range of motion, physical functioning, aerobic capacity, and reduce pain. It is also effective in facilitating weight control and reducing the risk of developing other chronic diseases.

Our patients have access to a fully equipped, purpose built rehabilitation gym, pilates reformers and medical grade ergometers.

Hydrotherapy (Aquatic Facilities)

Aquatic based exercise may be better tolerated than land based activities for some patients.

Similar benefits to land based activities can be achieved with reduced stress to affected joints.12

Supervised hydrotherapy sessions are conducted at SCGH, Nedlands in a specifically designed pool for patients with severe joint problems or high levels of chronic pain. It is set to a constant temperature of 34 degrees and is a combination of salt and chlorine.

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