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Your pathway to optimal metabolic health


Australian Institute of Management WA strongly believes that being healthy is crucial to performing at your best at work and to being an effective leader.


That’s why we are pleased to offer members an opportunity to learn more about your own metabolic health from one of our long-term consultants and AIMWA professional member.

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Metabolic Health

Understanding your metabolism is the key to your health, weight management, diabetes control and well-being.  Our metabolic health programs are designed to get you burning stored fat, which is key to optimal health and weight management. Each program
is individualised to work with your metabolism and includes:

  • Metabolic measurement

  • Tailored nutrition

  • Personalised activity programs

  • Evidence-based protocols

  • Experienced health professionals


Most health programs guess your metabolism based on factors like your age, height and weight; however, research has shown these are inaccurate and misleading, up to +/- 30%. At HFRC, we take out the guess work. We use ECAL technology (developed here in WA) to measure your individual metabolism and energy needs. A simple breathing test is conducted while you rest. From these results we will design an individually tailored solution to get you metabolically healthy. Continuous monitoring tracks your progress and guides required changes to diet or exercise to achieve optimal metabolic health.


David Beard

BPE (Hons), MSc, Grad. Dip Business, AEP, FASLM

Senior Exercise Physiologist, Metabolic Health Specialist

About David Beard

David’s passion for understanding the health benefits of exercise and nutrition started during his undergraduate studies at the University of Western Australia. A Fullbright Scholarship allowed him to further his education at The University of Arizona in the USA. Having worked in preventive health and aged care has given him vast experience of working with people of all ages and health status.

His interest in metabolic health grew from his passion for understanding how the biochemical processes within the cells drive our physiology and determine our health and performance. He applies his understanding of human physiology to assist patients improve their metabolic health for optimal energy, resulting in better health and function.


David gets immense pleasure from seeing clients transform both physically and mentally when they achieve improved metabolic health.  He strives to reduce people’s dependence on medications by finding the most effective nutrition, exercise and lifestyle strategy for each individual. 


In addition to his qualifications as an exercise Physiologist, David is a Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine and can assist clients with all aspects of lifestyle medicine.


As well as his role at HFRC, David presents health-related seminars to companies and groups throughout WA. Some of his clients include the City of South Perth and the Department of Education. He has also written a book on heathy ageing titled “If I’d only known I’d live this long. He is regularly invited to share the messages from his book with community groups and organisation.


David is the current Chair of the WA chapter of Exercise and Sports Science Australia, a position he has held for over 10 years.

If you are interested in an assessment and consultation to learn more about your metabolic health, please send the following information to David and he will get in touch.

Thanks again for contacting us.

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