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Owen Quiskamp


Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Special Interest Areas

Shoulder and lower back pain

Strength and conditioning 

Arthritis and joint replacement

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Owen graduated from University of Western Australia with a master’s degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology in 2022 and began working at HFRC that same year.  


He utilised his knowledge learnt in his Bachelor of Science (Sport Science and Physiology majors) to train effectively and prepare thoroughly for completing a solo in the Rottnest Channel Swim alongside numerous other crossings. 

Throughout his degree he enhanced his learning by undertaking a specialised courses by Sebastian Oreb (The Australian Strength Coach) that focused on exercise programming and the in-depth analysis of the biomechanics involved in strength exercises. 

Owen combines his perpetual passion for health and exercise together with giving the patient comprehensive education to enhance their understanding of ‘why’ they are doing a particular exercise alongside teaching them with accurate biomechanics of exercises.
When not working, Owen enjoys fishing, boat building and doing strength training in his home gym. 

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