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Jordan Spence


Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Special Interest Areas

Arthritis and joint replacement

Balance training

Strength & conditioning


Jordan graduated from Murdoch University with a degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology in 2019. He wishes to use his new knowledge of exercise, fitness and physical therapy in a clinical setting to help make great changes in people’s lives and set them up on a more active future.


Jordan has found a great love for seeing the great changes exercise can make to people’s lives with a variety of different clinical backgrounds and needs. He always wishes to treat individuals with the care and quality he would hope to receive and to make treatment a fun, educating and worthwhile experience.


Jordan began working at HFRC back in early 2018 where he became accustomed to the HFRC way and learnt from the vast amount of experience around him. He has since had experience in treating patients with various clinical needs whether it be through a group or individualised session.


When not working, Jordan spends his time playing soccer, gym training himself or spending time with friends and family.

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