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Special Interest Areas

Hip and knee pain

Complex pain sydromes 


Hip and lower back pain

Neck and shoulder

Simeon graduated from Physiotherapy at the University of QLD in 2006 and has worked in a private practice ever since, including 13 years at HFRC. Put simply, Simeon loves serving people, and in Physiotherapy he has a skill set that allows him to combine his interests in psychology, science and physical activity to guide people in their rehabilitation. 


Simeon is adept at investigating your strengths and weaknesses to try to build holistic and yet, focused interventions to maximise movement and function and to improve the way that you are distributing load through your body. 


He employs various ‘hands-on’ techniques for pain relief and to improve joint movement and muscle activation - these are often the things that patients can’t easily, or as specifically, do for themselves. But everyone can get a little stronger and better conditioned than they are, and Simeon is a skilled educator, helping patients to gain an understanding of their injury and the context in which they are in, identifying points of focus to progress. 


He has extensive experience in post-surgery recovery and his favourite regions to work with are the hip, knee and lower back, and dealing with chronic and complex pain. 


Away from work, Simeon is a devoted family man and loves being at home with his wife and six children. 


“It’s important to walk a journey with your patients, and this is multifaceted. We need to gain knowledge, with education and a thorough assessment, to understand what the issue is. We need to change the way that we are thinking about it so that we can have confidence and trust in the process. And we need something practical to do – actions and steps that we can take to improve the situation.”

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